Crone In-Training
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I am a crone-in-training. I reject ageism and embrace aging (including dementia) as teachers on the journey of life. I work with people and organizations to help them do the same. Will you join me?

My journey started with a question, “What better way to learn about life than in hindsight?” Many elders I have worked with are mad, frustrated, sad and bored. These common human conditions exacerbated by years and circumstance. I began to notice those who rejected the process of aging were suffering more than those who embraced it. I became passionate about battling ageism and sharing what dementia can teach us. There is no shortcut or easy answer to alleviate all of the sufferings of aging and dementia. I help alleviate socially imposed suffering and dismantle ageism.

My passion for story led me to a career in film, studies in Depth Psychology, and ultimately my work with aging. For the last three years, I have been performing in Dr. Bill Thomas' nationwide ChangingAging tour. Before this, I worked with elders living in long-term care in San Francisco. In 2015 I traveled to all 50 states living in a van the culmination of which was founding a wellness center, Prosper. I blog for multiple platforms and recently published Healing Dementia. I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and I wrote my thesis on the Anti-Aging myth in America.

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Do you yearn for meaningful self-generative change? I support people at any point in the aging process. I believe once we reach maturity we start aging. My areas of focus are internalized ageism, growing with dementia, and work transitions. Past clients have included professional and family care partners, age activists, people diagnosed with dementia and people at transition points in life. Through coaching engagements I am your guide to personal transformation and growth that continues long after the engagement ends. I am a certified Integral Coach . I offer coaching in person, via phone or video. In coaching the majority of the personal growth is done outside of the meetings. Coaching works at shifting ones way of being in the world to achieve goals. I work with individuals as well as organizations. 

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$300-1000 per month


Does your company work in the field of aging? or have a product you want to release in the aging sphere? Consulting is a great way to tap into information and expertise I have come across on my journey. I consult with companies and professionals working on projects or initiatives related to aging, dementia and/or personal growth. I offer consultations in person, via phone or video.

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$150-500 per hour


Dream Work    

Do you ever have a dream that you feel like is trying to tell you something? Using techniques developed by depth psychology learn how to record and analyze your dreams to better understand them and how you can apply what your unconscious is telling you through dreams to waking life.

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$150-500 per hour

All work is done on a sliding scale. Clients are asked to chose a rate within the above ranges that feels like an investment but not a burden. 

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KeyNotes & Workshops  

Fusing art and language I provide dynamic and engaging workshops and speaking engagements that plant the seeds of personal and cultural growth inspiring attendees to change their lives and communities. I have presented at conferences, schools and care communities internationally. I am available to come to your location or to present digitally. See my resumé for example topics and offerings.

$1500 - 5000 per engagement


Disrupt Dementia

Part of Dr. Bill Thomas' ChangingAging Tour, Disrupt Dementia, is a paradigm-shifting, non-fiction theater performance designed to de-stigmatize dementia. My fellow cast members and I created the show in partnership with people living well with dementia. Learn More and find a performance in your area.

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I would love to hear from you!

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